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For Immediate Release: Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Contact: Tom Zawistowski,



Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party-affiliated national We the People Convention (WTPC) organization, congratulated Ohio Trump supporters who came out and voted to elect Bernie Moreno as the Republican nominee for US Senate with 50% of the primary vote, vs 33% for Matt Dolan and 17% for Frank LaRose. Zawistowski also celebrated conservative wins in Congressional, State and local races.

Zawistowski said to the conservative voters, "You turned out and you defended President Trump and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) America First Agenda! By overwhelmingly electing Bernie Moreno as our US Senate Republican nominee, you put Sherrod Brown and his Marxist allies on notice that we will be united in November in a way that they have never seen before in Ohio. This nonsense that was being spread that Democrats were going to crossover and vote for Moreno because he was the weakest of the Republican Candidates is dead wrong. With Donald Trump and Bernie Moreno on the ticket the Democrats in Ohio are going to be in a world of hurt, not just in the Presidential and Senate races, but all the way down the ticket down to dog catcher! The Ohio Democrat/Socialist Party is now officially on the Endangered Species list in Ohio.

Zawistowski continued, "Second of all, you defeated the Ohio RINO Establishment and finally made it clear that Ohio and the Ohio Republican Party belongs to We the People! Bernie Moreno said it exactly right in this quote to Axios before the election, "It is a race between the America-first Republican Party and the broken-down RINO Establishment." In this Primary you defeated RINO's Portman and DeWine and Kasich and the party elites who have been grifting off our hard work and votes since the TEA Party started in Ohio in 2009. Moreno and Vance and Jim Jordan and Warren Davidson and Vivek Ramaswamy and others do not belong to that "country club". They have heard from the MAGA voters and they know that our Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity are in real danger because the RINO's have sold-out Ohio and our nation for their own personal gain for decades. This was further demonstrated by significant wins in Ohio House races against Democrat funded "Blue 22 Republicans" in a rejection of the RINO's pay-to-play culture in Columbus. It is past time to put Americans and America First Again and that is what tonight was all about."

Zawistowski closed by saying, "We want to thank Secretary of State Frank LaRose and his team, and all the tens of thousands of election workers who work such long hours, for running a very smooth election with only one incident in the state that was quickly addressed and did not have any effect on votes or voters. The 20% turnout, 1.6 million of 8 million registered voters, was about average for recent primary elections. Nearly 1.1 million citizens voted in the Republican primary while just over 500,000 voted in the Democrat Primary."



List of Candidates Endorse by the Ohio Citizens PAC for the March 19, 2024 Republican Primary:

The Ohio Citizens PAC hereby ENDORSES ALL 17 of the Patriots in the List Below to be YOUR New Representative in the Ohio House next year!

We ask all Ohio Patriots to look at this list to see if you have someone running in your House District. If so, we ask that you seek out our WTPC Endorsed candidate to donate to their campaign and volunteer to help get them elected. We also ask that you share this email with everyone you know in the state so that they can see that We the People are taking action to replace those who so callously stole our votes and gave them to the Democrats last year! On March 19th of this year - ALL 17 of our candidates must win the Primary and avenge our stolen votes! That only happens if YOU donate to them, you work for their campaign, you ask others to vote for them, and YOU VOTE FOR THEM!


Heidi Workman - Ohio 72nd House District
Website Link:
Donation Link:
Facebook Link:
Twitter Link:
Instagram Link:

Jodi Salvo - Ohio 51st House District
Website Link:
Donation Link:
Facebook Link: 
Checks can be mailed to: Friends of Jodi Salvo, P.O. Boc 636, Zoar, OH 44697

George Brunemann - Ohio 29th House District
Website Link: https://FriendsOfLiberty.US
Donation Link:
Email: george@FriendsOfLiberty.US

Mike Tussey - Ohio 73rd House District
Website Link:
Checks can be Mailed to: Citizens for Tussey, P.O. Box 1, Baltimore, Ohio 43105

Nelson Roe - Ohio 95th House District
Facebook Link:
Donation Link: Https://
Checks can be Mails to: Friends of Nelson Roe, 50958 Wargo Rd, Cumberland, Ohio 43732

Steve Kraus - Ohio 89th House District
Donate Link:

Dillon Blevins - Ohio 62nd House District
Link to donate:

David Thomas - Ohio 65th House District
Website Link:
Donation link is:
Facebook Link is:

Sally Culling - Ohio 75th House District
Donation Link: 

Heather Slayer - Ohio 56th House District

Jack Daniels - Ohio 32th House District
Checks can be Mails to: 3397 E. Waterloo Road, Akron, Ohio 44312

Ty Mathews - Ohio 83th House District
Donation link is:
Facebook Link is:

Wezlynn Davis - Ohio 86th House District
Link to donate:
Checks can be Mails to: Friends of Wezlynn Davis, PO BOX 188, Marysville, OH 43040

Patty Hamilton - Ohio 12th House District
Link to donate:
Checks can be mailed to:  Hamilton for State Rep, 22798 Morris Leist Rd., Stoutsville, OH 43154

Beth Lear - Ohio 61st District
Website Link:
Link to Donate:
Checks can be mailed to: Lear for Liberty, 7490 Big Walnut Road, Galena , OH 43021

Mischelle Teska - Ohio 55th House District
Donate Link:

Anthony Savage - Ohio 54th House District

George Young - Ohio 4th Senate District
Donate Link:

If a candidate for Ohio House would like to be endorsed by the Ohio Citizen PAC write to: for Consideration
How Does YOUR Ohio House or Ohio Senator vote?
How Conservative are their Votes?
Would you Agree with their Votes?

Click HERE to FIND OUT - BEFORE YOU VOTE on March 19th

Portage County Blue 22 Traitor Gail Pavligia, literally told a group of supporters this weekend that the reason she voted no on Senate Bill 83 in committee last week was because "it takes away tenure for University professors." Adding that "good" professors will not come to Ohio if they have a choice to teach at a university in a state that allows tenure. Really "Professor" Pavligia? Here is a News Flash from every American with a Brain - TENURE DOES NOT PROTECT GOOD PROFESSORS IT PROTECTS HORRIBLE ANTI-AMERICAN MARXIST PROFESSORS!

Remember this guy? This is Kent State University Tenured Professor Julio Pino who had been involved in a long series of anti-Semitic controversies relating to American foreign policy, Islam, suicide bombing, jihad, and Israel. These include a 2012 newspaper column praising the actions of the terrorist who carried out the Kiryat Yovel supermarket bombing. Thanks to Ohio "Republican" Betrayal of conservative voters for decades, this Terrorist was paid with your tax dollars to "teach" Ohio's Children in the classroom that America is the Great Satan. He referred to YOUR CHILDREN in his classroom affectionately as his "little Jihadists" and his "beloved Taliban." Because of Tenure, Kent State did not, or could not, fire him until he was convicted of lying to the FBI in 2018.

This is who Pavligia and the Blue 22 are Representing! NOT YOU! Tenure was originally intended to protect researchers and important thinkers from outside societal and government pressures so that they could think objectively and honestly about major issues of the day. Like everything else that the radical left touches, from the 1960's forward the Marxist used Tenure as shield for their Anti-American, Anti-Western Civilization activities hiding behind bogus claims of academic freedom to instead plot, and now implement, the literal overthrow of the United States Government and destruction of American and Western society. The left used Tenure to drive out America loving, Constitution loving, teachers and administrators from K-12 to College in order to indoctrinate our children as the Communist Manifesto Instructed. As was on full display last week in the horrific testimony of the Woke, Joke, Ivy League Presidents! ALL with the full support of "Republicans" like Pavligia and her Blue 22 Comrades. AND THEY ARE TRYING TO DOING IT AGAIN THIS WEEK by NOT Allowing Senate Bill 83 to come to the floor of the Ohio House!

Republicans? REPUBLICANS!!! These Blue 22 people AREN'T EVEN AMERICANS! Pavligia and the rest are Communist Sympathizers if not actual Communist themselves! Why else would you be trying to Stop Ohio from getting rid of Tenure so that we can clean out our Colleges???? Why else would they be wanting to fund and protect the Marxists who want to attack our children with the Anti-American Critical Race Theory, and the Racist DEI Ideology and the sick and destructive "Trans Agenda"??? Pavligia said it herself this weekend! These people not only DON'T REPRESENT YOU they HATE YOU! They are PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for hurting our children and destroying our State and Nation! So what are YOU going to do about it???

If you really love our children and our beloved Ohio and America, now, TODAY, is the time you must stand up and protect them. Every one of you MUST stop what you are doing and contact these Blue 22 Traitors by phone, by email or in person and make it clear to them that you want Senate Bill 83 brought to the floor and voted out of the House this week for Governor DeWine's signature. This is not negotiable. They either Represent the Will of the People or they must be removed from Office in the March 19, 2024 Primary Election. If they have a person running against them in the Primary, contact that person, volunteer to help their campaign, donate to them, then vote them in. If they do not yet have a challenger in the Primary, then put YOUR NAME on the Ballot before the December 20th Deadline, it only takes 50 signatures and $85 to run against them. Then run against them on just this one issue! It is each of our personal responsibilities to hold these people accountable and they way we do that is by voting them out of office!

I implore you - ACT TODAY!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
Executive Director, Portage County TEA Party
President, We the People Convention


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Ohio Citizens PAC Endorsed Candidates for the Ohio AUGUST 2, 2022 Republican Primary:

PLEASE NOTE: Most other political action committees are SINGLE ISSUE PAC's. That makes sense. If you are a Gun group or a Pro-Life Group or a Pro-Business group, you would endorse candidates based on how they vote or would vote on YOUR SINGLE ISSUE. However, the Ohio Citizens PAC represents a wider conservative base of Patriots who care about ALL those issues. Therefore candidates are held to what might be called a higher standard by the Ohio Citizens PAC. They have to be "right" on a lot of issues, not just one or two. Below is our list of Endorsed Candidates who we believe meet that "Higher Standard". We ask you to print this page, or take it with you to the voting booth on your phone, and vote for the Candidates that we Endorse here, because our research indicates that they are the best candidates to represent YOUR VALUES if they are elected to Office!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski

Since they changed all the Districts for this election . .
Please Click Here to find out which Senate or House District you are in!
Then see below if we have an endorsement in your District!

READ: August 2nd Ohio Primary was a Debacle!

Ohio State Senate Endorsed Candidates:

* = Incumbent

Winners: 3/4

District 13: Kirsten Hill
District 19: Andrew Brenner *
District 21: Mikhail Alterman
District 27: Kristina Roegner *


Please Click Here to find out which Senate or House District you are in!


Ohio State House of Representatives Endorsed Candidates:


Winners: 20/33

District 3: Josiah Lanning *
District 14: David Morgan
District 17: Ryan McClain
District 27: Jenn Giroux
District 28: Kim Georgeton
District 30: Angela Hymer
District 33: Kristopher Anderson
District 35: Steve Demetriou
District 40: Rodney Creech *
District 45: Jennifer Gross *
District 46: Thomas Hall *
District 47: Cory Harper
District 50: Reggie Stoltzfus *
District 54: Kathleen Beyer
District 55: Thomas Goodwin
District 61:  Beth Lear 
District 65: Mike Loychik *
District 67: Melanie Miller 
District 68: Thaddeus Claggett
District 70: Katherine Shutte
District 71: Bill Dean*
District 72: Gail Pavliga *
District 77: Scott Wiggam *
District 78: Joseph Sreenan
District 80: Jena Powell *
District 84: Angie King
District 85: Lilli Vitale
District 86: Michael Bohland
District 88: Gary Click *
District 90: Calvin Robinson
District 94: Jay Edwards*
District 98: Scott Pullins
District 99: Sarah Fowler *

Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Endorsed Candidates:

(by Ohio Senate District)

Winners: 33/66

District #1: James Horton and Gina Campbell
District #2: Joshura Culling and Lisa Crescimano
District #3: Jim Burgess Sr and Mata Hahn
District #4: Kent Keller and Marilyn Tunnant
District #5: Steve Bruns and Jessica Franz
District #6: Arthur McGuire and Judy Westbrook
District #7: Seth Morgan and Lori Viars
District #8: George Brunemann and Barbara Holwadel
District #9: Tom Chandler and Linda Matthews
District #10: Mark Johnson and Larua Rosenberger
District #11: Tim Brentlinger and Abigail Brentlinger
District #12: Jacob Eilerman and Stepahie Kremer
District #13: Mike Witte and Jean Anderson
District #14: Christopher Orleck and Gloria Martin
District #15: Joe Healy and Penny Martin
District #16: Geoff Hatcher and Michelle Anderson
District #17: Scott Greene and Angela Ryan
District #18: Jack Boyle and Denise Verdi
District #19: Gary James and Melanie Leneghan
District #20: Jake Warner and Sabrina Warner
District #21: Joe Miller and Laverne Gore
District #22: Dakota Thomas (Sawyer) and JoAnn Campbell
District #23: Jonah Pelton and Doris Peters
District #24: Shannon Burns and Melanie Mason
District #25: Jim Burgess III and Stacy Bayliff
District #26: Jonathan Zucker and Lisa Cooper
District #27: Bryan Williams and Stephanie Stock
District #28: NOT JIM SIMON - Mike Berger and Patty Gascoyne
District #29: Curt Braden and Christine Maurer
District #30: Shannon Walker and Nicole Hunter
District #31: Charles Blake and Antonia Blake
District #32: Charles Johnson and Kathi Creed
District #33: Rick Barron and Monica Robb Blasdel

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