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22 State Reps Censured by ORP for Participating in Speaker Steal Scheme

All Republicans who broke ranks and cut dirty deals with Democrats formally reprimanded by the Ohio Republican Party

COLUMBUS, OH-- And you thought the speaker drama was just in DC. Only in Columbus could there be even more chaos. Alas…

In today’s voting session of the Ohio Republican Party, State Central Committee members made strides to end the culture of corruption in Columbus. Members voted to censure the power hungry RINOs who deliberately stabbed their constituents in the back by cutting backroom deals with Democrats for free drinks at fancy bars and the fleeting sense of inflated self-worth.

State Rep. Derek Merrin was unanimously elected by the Republican Caucus to serve as the Speaker of the Ohio House. Yet, 22 turncoats joined with Democrats behind closed doors to sabotage Rep. Merrin’s speakership as he was consumed with tending to his terminally ill father who died just days after Christmas. Classy, huh?

“We just spent the last year working to elect Republicans across Ohio. We won on every level including electing a new Supreme Court justice in Ohio. We elected a super majority of 67 Republicans in the Ohio House.  If we allow this group of 22 to climb in bed with Democrats and take control of the House away from us, we have undercut the work of every Republican in Ohio. We can not sit back and do nothing. We are not going to let 32 Democrats control policy.” stated Arthur McGuire, Republican State Central Committee District 6 after the censorship vote. 

Selling out the people who elected them wont sit well with voters, which these Republican-turned-Democrat representatives will learn long before their names once again appear on a ballot-- if they are not forced to resign in disgrace.

Here is the list of the 22 Ohio House Traitors who stole the votes of 600,000 Republican Voters and gave them to the Democrats:

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Ohio Citizens PAC Endorsed Candidates for the Ohio AUGUST 2, 2022 Republican Primary:

PLEASE NOTE: Most other political action committees are SINGLE ISSUE PAC's. That makes sense. If you are a Gun group or a Pro-Life Group or a Pro-Business group, you would endorse candidates based on how they vote or would vote on YOUR SINGLE ISSUE. However, the Ohio Citizens PAC represents a wider conservative base of Patriots who care about ALL those issues. Therefore candidates are held to what might be called a higher standard by the Ohio Citizens PAC. They have to be "right" on a lot of issues, not just one or two. Below is our list of Endorsed Candidates who we believe meet that "Higher Standard". We ask you to print this page, or take it with you to the voting booth on your phone, and vote for the Candidates that we Endorse here, because our research indicates that they are the best candidates to represent YOUR VALUES if they are elected to Office!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski

Since they changed all the Districts for this election . .
Please Click Here to find out which Senate or House District you are in!
Then see below if we have an endorsement in your District!

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Ohio State Senate Endorsed Candidates:

* = Incumbent

Winners: 3/4

District 13: Kirsten Hill
District 19: Andrew Brenner *
District 21: Mikhail Alterman
District 27: Kristina Roegner *


Please Click Here to find out which Senate or House District you are in!


Ohio State House of Representatives Endorsed Candidates:


Winners: 20/33

District 3: Josiah Lanning *
District 14: David Morgan
District 17: Ryan McClain
District 27: Jenn Giroux
District 28: Kim Georgeton
District 30: Angela Hymer
District 33: Kristopher Anderson
District 35: Steve Demetriou
District 40: Rodney Creech *
District 45: Jennifer Gross *
District 46: Thomas Hall *
District 47: Cory Harper
District 50: Reggie Stoltzfus *
District 54: Kathleen Beyer
District 55: Thomas Goodwin
District 61:  Beth Lear 
District 65: Mike Loychik *
District 67: Melanie Miller 
District 68: Thaddeus Claggett
District 70: Katherine Shutte
District 71: Bill Dean*
District 72: Gail Pavliga *
District 77: Scott Wiggam *
District 78: Joseph Sreenan
District 80: Jena Powell *
District 84: Angie King
District 85: Lilli Vitale
District 86: Michael Bohland
District 88: Gary Click *
District 90: Calvin Robinson
District 94: Jay Edwards*
District 98: Scott Pullins
District 99: Sarah Fowler *

Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Endorsed Candidates:

(by Ohio Senate District)

Winners: 33/66

District #1: James Horton and Gina Campbell
District #2: Joshura Culling and Lisa Crescimano
District #3: Jim Burgess Sr and Mata Hahn
District #4: Kent Keller and Marilyn Tunnant
District #5: Steve Bruns and Jessica Franz
District #6: Arthur McGuire and Judy Westbrook
District #7: Seth Morgan and Lori Viars
District #8: George Brunemann and Barbara Holwadel
District #9: Tom Chandler and Linda Matthews
District #10: Mark Johnson and Larua Rosenberger
District #11: Tim Brentlinger and Abigail Brentlinger
District #12: Jacob Eilerman and Stepahie Kremer
District #13: Mike Witte and Jean Anderson
District #14: Christopher Orleck and Gloria Martin
District #15: Joe Healy and Penny Martin
District #16: Geoff Hatcher and Michelle Anderson
District #17: Scott Greene and Angela Ryan
District #18: Jack Boyle and Denise Verdi
District #19: Gary James and Melanie Leneghan
District #20: Jake Warner and Sabrina Warner
District #21: Joe Miller and Laverne Gore
District #22: Dakota Thomas (Sawyer) and JoAnn Campbell
District #23: Jonah Pelton and Doris Peters
District #24: Shannon Burns and Melanie Mason
District #25: Jim Burgess III and Stacy Bayliff
District #26: Jonathan Zucker and Lisa Cooper
District #27: Bryan Williams and Stephanie Stock
District #28: NOT JIM SIMON - Mike Berger and Patty Gascoyne
District #29: Curt Braden and Christine Maurer
District #30: Shannon Walker and Nicole Hunter
District #31: Charles Blake and Antonia Blake
District #32: Charles Johnson and Kathi Creed
District #33: Rick Barron and Monica Robb Blasdel

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The purpose of the Ohio Citizens PAC is to advocate for conservative issues and candidates that advance the cause of Individual Freedom and Liberty in the form of Constitutionally limited government.

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