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The Left intends to Legislate by Constitutional Amendment, not just in Ohio but in other red states as well, and here is more proof that it isn't just one issue like the Abortion "up to the time of Birth without Parent Concent" Amendment that is on the Ohio Ballot in November. It is about Guns, and School Choice, and Parents Rights, and, as you can see below, attacking law enforcement.

Ohio Voters Defeat Issue 1 by 57%-43%
in Record Turnout for an August Election

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the national We the People Convention (WTPC) organization, expressed his disappointment and concern after Ohio voters defeated State Issue 1 by a 57% to 43% margin on Tuesday, August 8th. Passage of Issue 1 would have raised the percentage of popular votes necessary to pass a Constitutional Amendment in Ohio to 60% from the current standard of 50% +1.

Zawistowski said, “Fueled by tens of millions of dollars in TV ads and other media, Ohioans turned out in historic numbers as over three million voters, 38% of all registered voters, came out to vote on Issue 1 which was defeated by a margin of 429,000 votes. Looking at the county-by-county voter results, it is my view that the left did not win Issue 1 as much as the conservative right lost the vote. This was primarily a result of confusion that was intentionally injected into the campaign by very clever, and I would say misleading, TV ads run by the left at the start of the campaign. These ad split the conservative vote just enough in rural communities to sway the election and cause the defeat of Issue 1."

Zawistowski continued, "Raising the bar to 60% of the popular vote was intended to make it harder for outside big money special interests to change the Ohio Constitution in the future. This became necessary once it was understood that, after Roe v Wade was reversed, the radical left discovered that it could “Legislate via Constitutional Amendment”. Even in red states which were vulnerable because of existing laws allowing for “Citizens Initiatives” like what they passed in Kansas earlier this year and Ohio is their next target. Unfortunately, we were unable to help Ohio Citizens understand that what the left has planned is much broader and deeper and more radical than just the November Abortion/Trans/Parents Rights Amendment. This vote was about the FUTURE Ohio Constitutional Amendments that the Left has planned for Guns, School Choice, Small Businesses, Farmers, Parents Rights, future election laws and more. Which was proven by comments made by the Democratic Mayor of Cleveland when he said the quiet part out loud that people should vote NO on Issue 1 so that they, the left, can implement gun control in Ohio using future Constitutional Amendments.”

Zawistowski concluded, “There were implications in this election for the 2024 election as well. Despite a significant effort to convince conservative voters to vote early in person or by mail, they did not do that in significant numbers, and the left built an early vote lead that was basically the margin of victory in the end. Clearly early voting continues to provide an advantage for the Left's get-out-the-vote machine. I want to thank the tens of thousands of grassroots activists in Ohio, and our coalition partners, who worked very hard to educate voters and get out the vote in their counties. Especially those who participated in our very successful Barn Billboard program. I also want to thank the tens of thousands of poll workers who make our elections possible and who did an excellent job on Tuesday. We know now that we will now have to regroup and make changes to our efforts so that we can defeat the radical Abortion/Trans/Parents Rights Amendment in November.”

What is Issue 1 on the August 8, 2023 ballot?

Put simply, it requires 60 percent approval for future amendments to the Ohio Constitution. Which is a change from the current 50% +1 requirement.

If we don't stop this attempt by the Left to Rule Ohio by Constitutional Amendment YOU and I will be living in a State with Laws Like California within Five Years!


Why Should YOU turn out and Vote Yes on Issue 1?

  • If You are a Parent and/or you care about Life: This November they want to make abortion up to the time of birth and sexually "transitioning" minor children legal - without the parents' consent!
  • If You are a Gun Owner: Next they will ban certain guns, magazine capacities, and force a state wide gun owner registry.
  • If You are a Small Business Owner: Then it will be a massive increase in minimum wage that will KILL your small businesses.
  • If you are a Farmer: They want to force extreme livestock care rules, written by the radical PETA group, to destroy Ohio farmers.
  • If You are Police Officer and/or Support the Police: They intend to defund the police and Abolish Qualified Immunity so that Police will be held personally responsible for their conduct.
  • If you are a Parent/Grandparent: They will END School Choice by Constitutional Amendment to Protect the Power of the Teachers Unions.
  • If you are a Citizen who wants fair Elections: They will implement "rank choice voting", give illegal immigrants the right to vote, etc. 

What does that sound like? CALIFORNIA! Do YOU want to live in California or Ohio??? They have the money to do ALL of that and more is we don't stop them! That is why we must ALL TURN OUT and Vote YES on August 8th and NO in November!

If you Doubt that the Dems/Commies want to Rule Ohio by Constitutional Amendment, Click Here or on the image to hear the Cleveland Mayor say it out loud:


Don't believe me! Listen to what Democrat Russo says, or doesn't say, in this 3 minute Debate Clip from this week:


If you Doubt that the Opponents to Issue 1 are from Outside Ohio then look at the Donor list below:

Let's Clear Up Some Other Confusion about Issue 1

They Say "If you Pass Issue 1 Citizens will NEVER be able Amend the Constitution Again!"

Well, in 2011 Ohio Citizen VOLUNTEERS organized to collect over 546,000 signatures from all 88 Ohio Counties to put the Ohio Health Care Amendment on the Ballot as a rejection of ObamaCare. Ohio Patriots like Alan and Ewana Witten, Caroline Lahrmann, Maurice Thompson, Joe Bozzi, Chris Littleton, Jason Mihalick, Steven Carr, Warren Edstrom, John McAvoy, Jack Painter, Peter Wolf, Kirsten Hill, Rick and Sue Burkholder, Chris Orrechio, Jim Green, Marsha Rexroth, Cheryl Blakely, Glenn Newman, Mike Lyons and many others worked their butts off for months with thousand of volunteer who collected the required signatures out of Patriotism and love for our Great State. Unlike Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU and their billionaire backers who paid "professional signature collectors" at least $7 million to get the 700,00+ signatures they just submitted! Even though we were only required to meet the 5% signature threshold in 44 counties at that time we actually met it in 82 counties and collected signatures in ALL 88!

They say that having to get "a 60% vote is too high to Amend the Ohio Constitution."

Well the Citizen backed Ohio Health Care Amendment won the popular vote by 65.8% statewide and we won in all 88 counties! We didn't have ANY money for TV ads let alone millions! We just had a change in law that our fellow citizens wanted - Constitutionally Protected Health Care Freedom. The point is, if a change to the Constitution is necessary, We the People will still be able to do it after Issue 1 passes but Monied Out-Off-State Special Interests will NOT be able to do it - without We the People voting for it as well. By spending millions of dollars running deceptive TV Ads, you can fool a lot of people, but to get to 60% of those who turn out to vote for a change to the Constitution, you are going to have to win over people who do there research and know what would be good for Ohio and what should stay out of Ohio! That is the way it should be and by Voting YES on Issue 1 on August 8th will put We the People BACK in Control!

Issue 1 seeks to elevate the standard for making changes to Ohio's Constitution. Right now, our founding document can be amended if just half of voters agree (technically 50% plus one additional vote), meaning half of voters could disagree. Issue 1 would raise the bar so it would take 60% of voters — a true consensus — to amend the constitution.

Does Issue 1 change statutory ballot issues or referendums? No. There are three types of citizen-initiated ballot issues: those that change the constitution, those that enact a law, and those that revoke a law. These are three entirely separate processes. Issue 1 deals exclusively with changing the constitution and nothing else.

Why should it be harder to change a constitution than to change the law? A constitution is a general framework for structuring and operating government, outlining the obligations and limitations of its power, including protections for the fundamental rights of its citizens.

Laws, on the other hand, are a set of specific rules to govern the behavior of people. The people's will is translated into law through elected representatives who answer to their constituents.

Confusing the two is a grave mistake. Unlike laws, which reflect the will of the people at a given moment in time, constitutions are intended to be bedrock documents that endure changing partisan administrations and outlast the ever-fickle winds of political whim.

That's why our nation's founders made changing the U.S. Constitution difficult. It requires support from two-thirds of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate and then three-fourths of the states.

Is Issue 1 radical or undemocratic as opponents claim? No. In fact, it is the current system that is radical. Consider this:
32 states do NOT allow initiated constitutional amendments AT ALL. Of the 18 that do, seven have additional requirements, such as higher voting standards with 55% or 60% majorities, minimum vote counts, or successive votes in multiple elections.

Only 11 states allow initiated constitutional amendments with a simple majority of 50% plus one vote, such as Ohio. All of which means Ohio is in the tiny minority of states with such low standards for changing a constitution.

A YES vote for Issue 1 raises the standard for constitutional amendments to 60% to bring us into line with 78% of other states that want some kind of clear consensus among citizens before amending a constitution that affects everyone.

Why is Ohio's Constitution so easy to amend? Over a century ago, progressives inserted a loophole into Ohio’s Constitution to allow changes to be made with no statewide consensus. Now deep-pocket, out-of-state billionaires and radical groups can buy their way onto the ballot and attack our basic rights even if half the state disagrees!

Why do some people oppose Issue 1? The same people who always oppose your gun rights oppose Issue 1, including the Democratic Party, ACLU, Everytown, Mom's Demand Action, and nearly every left-wing organization in Ohio. That’s because they have plans to use our state constitution to end-run the legislature and jam gun control and other leftist ideas down your throat.

Is it unfair to require signatures from all 88 Ohio counties for an issue to get on the ballot? No. Left-leaning activists prefer to limit signature collection to blue and bluish areas where their supporters live. This makes it easy to collect signatures, target millions of dollars in advertising to big-city markets, and permanently change the constitution with only half of Ohio voters in agreement.

Important Dates:
July 10: Voter registration deadline for August 8 election.
July 11: Early in-person voting for August 8 election begins.
August 1: Deadline to request absentee ballot for August 8 election.
August 8: Election Day.

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Watch these 30 Second TV Commercials:


Watch the Entire Issue 1 Debate from July 26th:


What groups are supporting Issue 1?

Cincinnati Right to Life put out a memo with this paragraph:
A groundswell of organizations including the Ohio Republican Party, Center for Christian Virtue, the National Federation of Independent Business in Ohio, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Restaurant Association, and Ohio Right to Life are mobilizing Ohioans to vote yes on Issue 1. Many recognize that for too long, Ohio’s Constitution has been up for sale to the highest bidder. From casinos to drug-legalization pushers to abortionists, special interests with millions of dollars have targeted the Ohio Constitution because of the ease of amending our state’s founding document.
Cincinnati Right to Life 6/22/2023
Additionally, a good summary came from Buckeye Firearms:
A YES vote on Issue 1 protects our Second Amendment rights from deep-pocketed, out-of-state interests, like anti-gun Mike Bloomberg. So, of course, gun grabbers and the media are spreading lies to get people to vote against it in the upcoming Aug. 8 special election.
One lie is that Issue 1 is radical and undemocratic because it makes it harder to change Ohio’s constitution.

But changing a constitution is supposed to be difficult — more difficult than changing ordinary laws. For example, the founders made it hard to change the U.S. Constitution. To amend it requires a 2/3 vote of both chambers of Congress and a vote of 3/4 of state legislatures.

Most states make it hard to change their constitutions as well. For example, Colorado requires a 55% vote. Florida requires a 60% vote. New Hampshire requires a 66% vote.

And guess what? The Ohio Democratic Party itself requires a vote of 60% to amend its own bylaws, i.e., their party constitution! That’s exactly the same vote threshold Issue 1 calls for to change Ohio’s constitution!

Dean Rieck, Executive Director

Friends of Liberty United (FOLU) put out this statement:
Over 30 states already require 60% to amend their state constitution. Issue 1 just aligns Ohio with the majority of other states.

Since 1851, Ohio’s Constitution has been amended 172 times while the US Constitution has been amended only 27 times since 1789! Even a Presidential veto takes a 2/3 vote (@67%) in the House before a bill becomes a law. Ohio has 88 counties. When only 5% of voters signing initiative petition in 44 counties to be required for initiative petitions, this already leaves half (50%) of our counties not represented. If a proposed amendment is good, these new requirements should not be a problem.

Friends of Liberty United (FOLU)
Also consider “Why Ohio’s Constitution Should be Hard to Amend.”
Also "Why Governor Dewine will be votine YES on Issue 1"
And “Why Hunters and Sportsmen Should Vote Yes on Issue 1.”
And the “Ohio Farm Bureau supports Issue 1.”


Hypocrisy Alert: Issue 1 Opponents Support Different Rules for Themselves Than the Rest of Ohio

Opponents of Issue 1 all require 60% or higher vote to amend their own bylaws

(COLUMBUS) – Today, the Protect Our Constitution campaign is highlighting the rampant hypocrisy of the liberal special interest groups standing in opposition to Issue 1. A wide range of liberal organizations have come out against Issue 1, which would require 60% of voters to approve changes to the Ohio Constitution. However, many of the groups opposing Issue 1 have similar or even larger vote requirements to amend their own bylaws.

“Utilizing the exact same or stronger voting requirements they’ve deemed unacceptable for Ohioans showcases the hypocrisy of the entire message propagated by opponents of Issue 1,” said Spencer Gross, spokesman for the Protect Our Constitution campaign. “If these groups can’t even trust amending their own charters and bylaws with a simple majority vote, then Ohioans shouldn’t trust that special interest groups won’t attack the Ohio Constitution if Issue 1 fails.” 

Below are some of the organizations opposing Issue 1 and information on their internal voting requirements:

The Democratic Party of Ohio

The Democratic Party of Ohio opposes Issue 1. The Democratic Party of Ohio requires that 60% of its delegates vote in favor of any changes to the organization’s constitution. The party also requires that any candidates seeking its official endorsement before the primaries must receive the backing of at least 60% of the executive committee. Further, in order for members of the Democratic National Committee to revise its charter, they must meet a threshold of two-thirds (66%). 

ACLU Ohio is an outspoken opponent of Issue 1. ACLU Ohio’s bylaws require a 60% vote to remove an officer or member of the Board of Directors. The national ACLU bylaws also require, with exceptions, a two-thirds (66%) vote in order for the board to overturn an action by the executive committee. 

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has lobbied aggressively against Issue 1, describing it as an “anti-democratic change,” and its Ohio chapter opposes Issue 1. Planned Parenthood requires a “vote of two-thirds” (66%) to amend its own bylaws, going all the way back to 2007.

League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters in Ohio is lobbying against Issue 1 in Ohio. Chapters of the League of Women Voters in Ohio, such as the Columbus chapter, require a two-thirds (66%) vote in order to amend its bylaws.


NAACP’s Ohio chapters have come out in opposition of Issue 1. A two-thirds (66%) vote is required to amend the bylaws of local chapters of the NAACP, such as those in Ohio. 

Teachers’ Unions

Multiple teachers’ unions in Ohio, like the North Eastern Ohio Education Association and the Columbus Education Association, require a three-fourths (75%) vote to amend their constitution. The Ohio Education Association is part of the coalition of left-wing groups opposing Issue 1. 

We urge all Ohioans to fight this hypocrisy and
Vote Yes on Issue 1 !


Ohio Citizens PAC Endorsed Candidates for the Ohio AUGUST 2, 2022 Republican Primary:

PLEASE NOTE: Most other political action committees are SINGLE ISSUE PAC's. That makes sense. If you are a Gun group or a Pro-Life Group or a Pro-Business group, you would endorse candidates based on how they vote or would vote on YOUR SINGLE ISSUE. However, the Ohio Citizens PAC represents a wider conservative base of Patriots who care about ALL those issues. Therefore candidates are held to what might be called a higher standard by the Ohio Citizens PAC. They have to be "right" on a lot of issues, not just one or two. Below is our list of Endorsed Candidates who we believe meet that "Higher Standard". We ask you to print this page, or take it with you to the voting booth on your phone, and vote for the Candidates that we Endorse here, because our research indicates that they are the best candidates to represent YOUR VALUES if they are elected to Office!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski

Since they changed all the Districts for this election . .
Please Click Here to find out which Senate or House District you are in!
Then see below if we have an endorsement in your District!

READ: August 2nd Ohio Primary was a Debacle!

Ohio State Senate Endorsed Candidates:

* = Incumbent

Winners: 3/4

District 13: Kirsten Hill
District 19: Andrew Brenner *
District 21: Mikhail Alterman
District 27: Kristina Roegner *


Please Click Here to find out which Senate or House District you are in!


Ohio State House of Representatives Endorsed Candidates:


Winners: 20/33

District 3: Josiah Lanning *
District 14: David Morgan
District 17: Ryan McClain
District 27: Jenn Giroux
District 28: Kim Georgeton
District 30: Angela Hymer
District 33: Kristopher Anderson
District 35: Steve Demetriou
District 40: Rodney Creech *
District 45: Jennifer Gross *
District 46: Thomas Hall *
District 47: Cory Harper
District 50: Reggie Stoltzfus *
District 54: Kathleen Beyer
District 55: Thomas Goodwin
District 61:  Beth Lear 
District 65: Mike Loychik *
District 67: Melanie Miller 
District 68: Thaddeus Claggett
District 70: Katherine Shutte
District 71: Bill Dean*
District 72: Gail Pavliga *
District 77: Scott Wiggam *
District 78: Joseph Sreenan
District 80: Jena Powell *
District 84: Angie King
District 85: Lilli Vitale
District 86: Michael Bohland
District 88: Gary Click *
District 90: Calvin Robinson
District 94: Jay Edwards*
District 98: Scott Pullins
District 99: Sarah Fowler *

Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Endorsed Candidates:

(by Ohio Senate District)

Winners: 33/66

District #1: James Horton and Gina Campbell
District #2: Joshura Culling and Lisa Crescimano
District #3: Jim Burgess Sr and Mata Hahn
District #4: Kent Keller and Marilyn Tunnant
District #5: Steve Bruns and Jessica Franz
District #6: Arthur McGuire and Judy Westbrook
District #7: Seth Morgan and Lori Viars
District #8: George Brunemann and Barbara Holwadel
District #9: Tom Chandler and Linda Matthews
District #10: Mark Johnson and Larua Rosenberger
District #11: Tim Brentlinger and Abigail Brentlinger
District #12: Jacob Eilerman and Stepahie Kremer
District #13: Mike Witte and Jean Anderson
District #14: Christopher Orleck and Gloria Martin
District #15: Joe Healy and Penny Martin
District #16: Geoff Hatcher and Michelle Anderson
District #17: Scott Greene and Angela Ryan
District #18: Jack Boyle and Denise Verdi
District #19: Gary James and Melanie Leneghan
District #20: Jake Warner and Sabrina Warner
District #21: Joe Miller and Laverne Gore
District #22: Dakota Thomas (Sawyer) and JoAnn Campbell
District #23: Jonah Pelton and Doris Peters
District #24: Shannon Burns and Melanie Mason
District #25: Jim Burgess III and Stacy Bayliff
District #26: Jonathan Zucker and Lisa Cooper
District #27: Bryan Williams and Stephanie Stock
District #28: NOT JIM SIMON - Mike Berger and Patty Gascoyne
District #29: Curt Braden and Christine Maurer
District #30: Shannon Walker and Nicole Hunter
District #31: Charles Blake and Antonia Blake
District #32: Charles Johnson and Kathi Creed
District #33: Rick Barron and Monica Robb Blasdel

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