The Ohio Citizens PAC

Ohio Citizens PAC Endorsed Candidates for Ohio 2022 Republican May 3, 2022 Primary Election:

Endorsed for State Offices:

Governor: Jim Renacci and Joe Knopp (WTPC Endorsement Press Release)

Secretary or State: John Adams (WTPC Endorsement Press Release)
Federal Offices:

U.S. Senator for Ohio: Mike Gibbons (WTPC Endorsement Press Release)

U.S. House of Representatives:

Ohio 1st:

Ohio 2nd: Brad Wenstrup

Ohio 3rd: Lee Stahley

Ohio 4th: Jim Jordan

Ohio 5th: Bob Latta

Ohio 6th: Bill Johnson

Ohio 7th: Max Miller (Trump Endorsed)(WTPC Endorsement Press Release)

Ohio 8th: Warren Davidson

Ohio 9th: Craig Riedel (WTPC Endorsement Press Release)

Ohio 10th: Michael Turner

Ohio 11th:

Ohio 12th: Troy Balderson

Ohio 13th:

Ohio 14th: Patrick Awtrey

Ohio 15th: Mike Carey (Trump Endorsed)


The Ohio Citizens PAC is a State of Ohio Registered Political Action Committee based in Akron, Ohio that was founded in 2011.

The purpose of the Ohio Citizens PAC is to advocate for conservative issues and candidates that advance the cause of Individual Freedom and Liberty in the form of Constitutionally limited government.

You Can Contact us at 1-866-427-9257

Our Mailing Address is: Ohio Citizens PAC P.O. Box 6211 Akron, OH 44312

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