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For Immediate Release: Wednesday, November 8, 2023
Contact: Tom Zawistowski,

Ohio Voters Approve Issue 1 Putting Right to Abortion into the Ohio Constitution & Issue 2 Legalizing Marijuana

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio based National We the People Convention (WTPC) organization, reacted to the passage in Ohio of Issue 1, which puts into the Ohio Constitution the right of an "individual" to abort a baby up until the day of birth for any reason, and the passage for Issue 2, which legalizes the right to use Cannabis. Both issues passed by nearly identical margins of 57%-43%.

Zawistowski said, "The voters, who turned out, have spoken and the culture of Ohio has been changed. While many are talking about a near 50% turnout as something to celebrate, the fact is that a small minority of 27% (2,186,962) of Ohio citizens have managed to impose their radical agenda on the 73% of their fellow citizens who did not vote for either Issue (1,675,728) or worse yet did not vote at all (4,125,442). It is profoundly disappointing that any Ohio Citizen would not vote on Issues that will impact themselves and their families and our state in such profound ways when they had over a month and multiple ways to vote."

Zawistowski continued, "Now we will see significant legal challenges to Issue 1 in the courts due to its incredibly vague language. The courts will be pressed into service to decide if the Amendment actually will not impact parental rights, partial-birth abortions, or eventually allow minors to pursue sex change drugs and procedures without parental consent as the left's advertising and messaging claimed. You can bet that, just like with gay marriage, once the law is passed, the left pushed the limits of what that law meant and it is still being litigated nearly 10 years later. We expect that the trans-activists will be challenging parents rights almost immediately even though they claimed no such rights existed in Issue 1."

Zawistowski added, "Now that the Left has successfully managed to "Legislate via Constitutional Amendment" with the passage of Issue 1, we can expect them to repeat this process in nearly every election going forward to impose their far-left agenda on Ohio. Voters can expect to see Constitutional Amendments defining minimum wage, gun rights, voting rights, and more starting in 2024. The Conservative Right is now confronted with the need to counter Issue 1, and these other possible amendments, with their own Constitutional Amendments protecting our rights and even reversing or modifying the Amendments passed by the Left. Doing this marks the death of our "Representative Form of Government" and establishes government by "Direct Democracy" as I argued prior to the vote on Tuesday. You will now see much less effort and money going into electing Ohio House and Senate Members and more money, both from in-state and out-of-state, going into funding Constitutional Amendment campaigns on both the Left and the Right."

Zawistowski concluded, "This a not the form of government given to us by our founding fathers, for good reasons, or that has served our State so well since our founding in 1803. The result will be rule by the minority instead of by the majority as we have just witnessed. With dramatic shifts in laws that used to take years of debate and discussion to be slowly passed, that will now be imposed or changed with little debate or discussion by massive media influence campaigns over a few months - bypassing the Legislature and going directly to the people. Which is why our organization will join with others to work to Amend the Ohio Constitution to raise the bar for passing a Constitutional Amendment to 60% of the vote as we attempted to do in August. Without some of the negative issues that were contained in that effort. The fact that neither Issue 1 or Issue 2 met that 60% bar yesterday demonstrates how important making that change is to preserving and protecting our "Representative Form of Government" and stopping this radical move toward "Direct Democracy."


Vote NO on BOTH Issue 1 and Issue 2 on November 7, 2023

Here are Issue 1 focus grouped talking points for You to use when Talking about the November Election Issue:

"Issue 1 is a Dangerous and Extreme Amendment"

"Issue 1 will make it legal in Ohio for a baby to be Aborted up to the Day of Birth for ANY Reason"

"Issue 1 takes Away Parental Rights to make Medical Decisions for their Children including Decisions about Sex Change Surgery"

"Issue 1 Removes Important Medical Care Protections for Ohio Women by allowing non-certified individuals to perform important medical procedures on Women"







While Issues 1 & 2 are Very Important
School Board Members across the State!

Here is a List of SOME Endorsed Candidates:



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Voting NO on November 7th is
Much More Important than you may Know!

My Fellow Patriots,

We are just days away from an election that could fundamentally change Ohio in many ways if We the People allow it. The materials below explain why any moral citizen must vote NO on both Issue 1 and Issue 2 on November 7th! You get that, you just need to help your fellow citizens get it by sharing the materials below and the videos we have posted at You should also visit

What I want to focus your attention upon right now is the DEADLY threat this planned assault by the Communist Left is to our Representative Republic with this Constitutional Amendment. You know, all those Marxists who keep saying that you, and I, and conservatives are a "threat to Democracy!" Well what could be more of a threat to "Democracy" than making voting worthless? Isn't your right to vote what allows us to have a Representative Republic as defined by our Ohio and National Constitutions? So guess what? If Issue 1 passes, the left will have succeeded in "Legislating by Constitutional Amendment" and taking EVERYTHING our elected Representatives have done in our name, and thrown them all out! Laws that were debated on, and voted upon, in the Ohio House and Ohio Senate over a period of some 50 years, that were signed by duly elected Ohio Governors, will be discarded by one vote on November 7th! That, unfortunately is "Democracy" in the French Revolution sense of the word! It is NOT the form of Government we trust, that our forefathers gave us, and that we call a Representative Republic!

But it is even worse than that. This diabolical plan by the Marxist Left eviscerates the Ohio Constitution! When you can't win elections, like they no longer can in Ohio with their radical Marxist agenda, your goal has to be to make elections meaningless. That is what they are trying to do! If they can make law by writing $50 million checks from out of state, and even out of country, Marxist donors to buy TV commercials filled with lies that manipulate voters - why hold elections? Why should YOU vote next year for your Ohio House Representative or your Ohio Senator when any legislation that you want, and they pass, that the left doesn't like, can be permanently changed by a Constitutional Amendment simply by writing a check? 

Your NO Vote on Issue 1 is NOT just about Abortion and Parents Rights. It is about stopping the Marxist Left from being able to take over Ohio and turn it into California! Next year it will be a massive increase in minimum wage that will KILL small businesses. Then they want to force extreme livestock care rules, written by the radical PETA organization, to destroy Ohio farmers. Then they want a Constitutional Amendment to ban certain guns, magazine capacities, and force a statewide gun owner registry. Can't you just see the propaganda ads demonizing MAGA gun owners!! The next year it will be to create "rank choice voting" or to give illegal immigrants the right to vote, etc. Do you see how this is MUCH BIGGER and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than just this Issue 1??? If we can defeat their money and their lies, by turning out and voting NO on November 7th, they will get NOTHING for their $50 million! They will learn the hard way that We the People are NOT going to let anyone rule over us by "Legislating by Constitutional Amendment!" None of this should be done by Amending the Ohio Constitution. It should be done by LEGISLATION voted on by duly Elected Representatives! Not bought by Billionaires!

So, regardless of your views on Life or "Transgender" mutilation of children or on smoking all the Weed you like, I hope that I have convinced you that there is a much more important reason to vote NO on November 7th. If so, please share this essay with others so that they may become motivated to defend their right to vote and our Representative Republic by turning out to vote NO on Issue 1 and Issue 2.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention 

Ohio Voters Defeat Issue 1 by 57%-43%
in Record Turnout for an August Election

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the national We the People Convention (WTPC) organization, expressed his disappointment and concern after Ohio voters defeated State Issue 1 by a 57% to 43% margin on Tuesday, August 8th. Passage of Issue 1 would have raised the percentage of popular votes necessary to pass a Constitutional Amendment in Ohio to 60% from the current standard of 50% +1.

Zawistowski said, “Fueled by tens of millions of dollars in TV ads and other media, Ohioans turned out in historic numbers as over three million voters, 38% of all registered voters, came out to vote on Issue 1 which was defeated by a margin of 429,000 votes. Looking at the county-by-county voter results, it is my view that the left did not win Issue 1 as much as the conservative right lost the vote. This was primarily a result of confusion that was intentionally injected into the campaign by very clever, and I would say misleading, TV ads run by the left at the start of the campaign. These ad split the conservative vote just enough in rural communities to sway the election and cause the defeat of Issue 1."

Zawistowski continued, "Raising the bar to 60% of the popular vote was intended to make it harder for outside big money special interests to change the Ohio Constitution in the future. This became necessary once it was understood that, after Roe v Wade was reversed, the radical left discovered that it could “Legislate via Constitutional Amendment”. Even in red states which were vulnerable because of existing laws allowing for “Citizens Initiatives” like what they passed in Kansas earlier this year and Ohio is their next target. Unfortunately, we were unable to help Ohio Citizens understand that what the left has planned is much broader and deeper and more radical than just the November Abortion/Trans/Parents Rights Amendment. This vote was about the FUTURE Ohio Constitutional Amendments that the Left has planned for Guns, School Choice, Small Businesses, Farmers, Parents Rights, future election laws and more. Which was proven by comments made by the Democratic Mayor of Cleveland when he said the quiet part out loud that people should vote NO on Issue 1 so that they, the left, can implement gun control in Ohio using future Constitutional Amendments.”

Zawistowski concluded, “There were implications in this election for the 2024 election as well. Despite a significant effort to convince conservative voters to vote early in person or by mail, they did not do that in significant numbers, and the left built an early vote lead that was basically the margin of victory in the end. Clearly early voting continues to provide an advantage for the Left's get-out-the-vote machine. I want to thank the tens of thousands of grassroots activists in Ohio, and our coalition partners, who worked very hard to educate voters and get out the vote in their counties. Especially those who participated in our very successful Barn Billboard program. I also want to thank the tens of thousands of poll workers who make our elections possible and who did an excellent job on Tuesday. We know now that we will now have to regroup and make changes to our efforts so that we can defeat the radical Abortion/Trans/Parents Rights Amendment in November.”


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Ohio Citizens PAC Endorsed Candidates for the Ohio AUGUST 2, 2022 Republican Primary:

PLEASE NOTE: Most other political action committees are SINGLE ISSUE PAC's. That makes sense. If you are a Gun group or a Pro-Life Group or a Pro-Business group, you would endorse candidates based on how they vote or would vote on YOUR SINGLE ISSUE. However, the Ohio Citizens PAC represents a wider conservative base of Patriots who care about ALL those issues. Therefore candidates are held to what might be called a higher standard by the Ohio Citizens PAC. They have to be "right" on a lot of issues, not just one or two. Below is our list of Endorsed Candidates who we believe meet that "Higher Standard". We ask you to print this page, or take it with you to the voting booth on your phone, and vote for the Candidates that we Endorse here, because our research indicates that they are the best candidates to represent YOUR VALUES if they are elected to Office!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski

Since they changed all the Districts for this election . .
Please Click Here to find out which Senate or House District you are in!
Then see below if we have an endorsement in your District!

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Ohio State Senate Endorsed Candidates:

* = Incumbent

Winners: 3/4

District 13: Kirsten Hill
District 19: Andrew Brenner *
District 21: Mikhail Alterman
District 27: Kristina Roegner *


Please Click Here to find out which Senate or House District you are in!


Ohio State House of Representatives Endorsed Candidates:


Winners: 20/33

District 3: Josiah Lanning *
District 14: David Morgan
District 17: Ryan McClain
District 27: Jenn Giroux
District 28: Kim Georgeton
District 30: Angela Hymer
District 33: Kristopher Anderson
District 35: Steve Demetriou
District 40: Rodney Creech *
District 45: Jennifer Gross *
District 46: Thomas Hall *
District 47: Cory Harper
District 50: Reggie Stoltzfus *
District 54: Kathleen Beyer
District 55: Thomas Goodwin
District 61:  Beth Lear 
District 65: Mike Loychik *
District 67: Melanie Miller 
District 68: Thaddeus Claggett
District 70: Katherine Shutte
District 71: Bill Dean*
District 72: Gail Pavliga *
District 77: Scott Wiggam *
District 78: Joseph Sreenan
District 80: Jena Powell *
District 84: Angie King
District 85: Lilli Vitale
District 86: Michael Bohland
District 88: Gary Click *
District 90: Calvin Robinson
District 94: Jay Edwards*
District 98: Scott Pullins
District 99: Sarah Fowler *

Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Endorsed Candidates:

(by Ohio Senate District)

Winners: 33/66

District #1: James Horton and Gina Campbell
District #2: Joshura Culling and Lisa Crescimano
District #3: Jim Burgess Sr and Mata Hahn
District #4: Kent Keller and Marilyn Tunnant
District #5: Steve Bruns and Jessica Franz
District #6: Arthur McGuire and Judy Westbrook
District #7: Seth Morgan and Lori Viars
District #8: George Brunemann and Barbara Holwadel
District #9: Tom Chandler and Linda Matthews
District #10: Mark Johnson and Larua Rosenberger
District #11: Tim Brentlinger and Abigail Brentlinger
District #12: Jacob Eilerman and Stepahie Kremer
District #13: Mike Witte and Jean Anderson
District #14: Christopher Orleck and Gloria Martin
District #15: Joe Healy and Penny Martin
District #16: Geoff Hatcher and Michelle Anderson
District #17: Scott Greene and Angela Ryan
District #18: Jack Boyle and Denise Verdi
District #19: Gary James and Melanie Leneghan
District #20: Jake Warner and Sabrina Warner
District #21: Joe Miller and Laverne Gore
District #22: Dakota Thomas (Sawyer) and JoAnn Campbell
District #23: Jonah Pelton and Doris Peters
District #24: Shannon Burns and Melanie Mason
District #25: Jim Burgess III and Stacy Bayliff
District #26: Jonathan Zucker and Lisa Cooper
District #27: Bryan Williams and Stephanie Stock
District #28: NOT JIM SIMON - Mike Berger and Patty Gascoyne
District #29: Curt Braden and Christine Maurer
District #30: Shannon Walker and Nicole Hunter
District #31: Charles Blake and Antonia Blake
District #32: Charles Johnson and Kathi Creed
District #33: Rick Barron and Monica Robb Blasdel

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